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With the introduction in 11.5 of Avant's own context menu, registry entries are no longer necessary during an install, so it's possible to safely copy your Avant configurations, settings, bookmarks, and autofills manually.

Determining which installation version you are using

First you need to determine which installation of Avant you are using; normal install using online storage, normal install using your local profile, USB version.

  • Normal install using online storage
    • Online storage will always save your configuration settings on Avant's online storage server.
    • You can use online storage without storing your Bookmarks, RSS Feeds, or AutoFills online. They can be excluded at Tools -> Avant Browser Options -> Online Storage. If this area is not activated, you are not using an online storage account.
    • Not signing in to online storage is not an indicator that you are not using it. The Avant Online Storage dialog has an option to Log me in Automatically .
    • Avant online storage connected.png (or a flashing variant) is a visual indicator on the Status Bar that you are using online storage.
  • Normal install using the local profile
    • If you ran Avant's installation program and did not sign up for online storage, you are using the local profile.
    • If Tools -> Avant Browser Options -> Online Storage is not activated (and you are not using the USB version), you are using the local profile
    • The local profile will show the Avant online storage dialog.png icon in the Status Bar. This icon will open the Avant Online Storage dialog.
  • USB Version
    • The USB version is extracted from a different file than the typical installation file.
    • Neither of the Status bar icons described above (Avant online storage connected.png or Avant online storage dialog.png) will be shown in the USB version of Avant
    • Tools -> Avant Browser Options -> Online Storage will not be activated
    • My Account will not appear under the File menu
    • Your configuration folder (.default) will be in the same folder as Avant's executable

Determining which version you're using is the tedious part, the next part is simple as your files are stored in one folder.

Finding your files

Avant stores its files in your user profile's folder. For the installed versions of Avant, you can find your configuration file by doing the following:

  • Go to Start -> Run - or - press the WinKey (it has a wavy flag on it) + R
  • Type or paste (including the speech marks): "%appdata%\Avant Profiles\"
    • Online storage accounts store their information in a folder named after the e-mail address of the account
    • Your local account's information is stored in a folder named .default

For the USB version of Avant, go to your Avant Browser folder and you'll see the .default folder containing your files.

Copying these folders will backup or allow you to move your Avant data to another location. You can find out more information about the specific files within these folders at Avant Configuration Files and Their Purposes.

Originally written by Hornakapopolis.

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