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Since everyone doesn't install Windows in the same way, here is a universal method of getting to your Avant configuration files:

Click on Start -> Run (or press the Windows Key and R)

Type or paste (including the speech marks): "%appdata%\Avant Profiles\"

If you use online storage, you’ll find a folder with your e-mail address. Otherwise, use the one named .default.

For the portable version, the .default folder is stored in the Avant program folder and is the only one used.

The following is a list of the configuration files and their purpose.

  • *.opg - This file holds the title and URL of your opened tabs. Its file name changes, but it is the only .opg file you'll find in your profile folder. It is used to reopen your tabs when Avant exits in error.
  • accounts.dat - The list of e-mail addresses you have entered in your online storage sign in form.
  • AvantDownload.xml - Data from Avant's integrated download manager in XML format
  • blockedads.dat - The list of ads that have been blocked by Avant. (The AD "Black List" is stored in conf\conf.dat)
  • blockedpopups.dat - The list of popups that have been blocked by Avant. (The Popup "Black List" is stored in conf\conf.dat).
  • closed.dat - The list of pages that were open when you closed Avant. Unlike reopen.dat, this file only contains the URL to the site, not the page title. reopen.dat seems to be used when opening pages that were saved when Avant closed and the .opg file opens the pages that were open when Avant closed incorrectly. This file does seem to change, but I can't figure out its purpose.
  • conf.dat - This is your main configuration file. More advanced settings are stored in conf\conf.dat. Following is the list of options, toolbar settings, and menu items that this file contains:
    • Home Page - all settings
    • Browsing Settings - all settings
    • New Window - all settings
    • Close Windows - all settings
    • Mouse - all settings
    • RSS - all settings
    • Auto-Complete - Show AutoFill under Bookmarks, Enable Auto-Complete for web pages, Prompt to save logins. (Everything except Never prompt for the following sites list)
    • Tray Icon - all settings
    • Files and Protocols - all settings
    • Email Client - all settings
    • Proxy Server - Proxy selection only. The list of proxies is not saved here; only the proxy being used, Internet Explorer setting, or Connect Directly.
    • Clear Records - all settings
    • Search Engine - Standard Search settings only. Quick Search not stored here.
    • Popup Blocker - Enable Popup Blocker and Display the URL of blocked popup windows only. The Black List and Exception List are not stored here.
    • AD Blocker - Enable AD Blocker and Display the URL of blocked ADs only. The Black List and Exception List is not stored here.
    • Miscellaneous - all settings
    • Exiting - all settings
    • Online Storage - all settings. (Note that if this is grayed out, you are either using your local profile or the portable version of Avant)
    • Add-ons - IE Plug-ins, but not Add-ons settings or Add-ons themselves.
    • Initial configuration dialogs. (Tab placement, etc.)
    • View - all selectable items
    • Tools - all selectable items
    • Help -> Most Useful Tips -> Show most useful tips when Avant Browser starts
  • emp.dat - This is an empty file. If there are no bookmarks or RSS feeds saved in Avant Browser, an empty file is uploaded to the Online Storage Server while synchronizing.
  • favorder.dat - Saves the order of your favorites when using IE Favorites as bookmarks
  • keywords.dat - This is the list of the terms you've searched from your search bar.
  • recents.dat - The list of sites stored in your "Open Recent" list. (Tabs that are closed that you can re-open.)
  • reopen.dat - The list of pages that Avant will open when it restarts. Consists of the page title and the URL.
  • urls.dat - Records the urls input in the address bar.
  • ver.dat - The version number of the bookmarks and RSS feeds saved on the local machine. If the version is higher than the one in the Online Storage Server, the bookmarks and RSS are uploaded to the server and vice versa.

And now, folders and files...

  • bookmarks\bookmarks.dat - Encrypted file containing your Avant bookmarks.
  • conf\conf.dat - Your advanced Avant configuration files. This is the list of option and toolbar settings this file controls.
    • Auto-Complete - Never prompt for the following sites list
    • Proxy Server - The list of proxies. The option to use the proxy, IE's setting, or to connect directly is not stored here, however.
    • Search Engine - Quick Search list only
    • URL Alias - entire list
    • Popup Blocker - The Black List and Exception List. The other settings are not stored here.
    • AD Blocker - The Black List and Exception List. The other settings are not stored here.
    • Add-ons - The list and selections of Add-ons is stored here. IE Plug-ins are not.
  • formdata\forms.dat - Encrypted file that stores your AutoFill information, including your Protection Password. If you have forgotten your password, you have to delete this file to use your AutoFill function again. However, this will delete all of your current AutoFills.
  • rss\rss.dat - Encrypted file that stores your RSS information, not including your options settings.

Originally written by Hornakapopolis.

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